Akesse Brempong – “Yahweh (Song of Moses)” feat. MOGmusic

Akesse Brempong makes another roaring comeback with an incredible “Yahweh” chant in this new release titled “Yahweh (Song of Moses)”, featuring “Be Lifted” singer MOGmusic.

The new song which focuses on the intimate name of Lord, “Yahweh (Song of Moses)” was part of series of songs performed and recorded at his annual flagship Agape Carnival in 2020, the virtual Rooftop edition.

Akesse brempong Yahweh ft mog

With an incredible harmonic chant of the name “Yahweh”, Akesse expounds on the importance of the singular name of the Lord that signifies intimacy in the days of old and even now. It shines a deep light on the biblical experiences of Israelites during their 40 years journey through the desert.

According to Akesse, the name “Yahweh” was first revealed to the prophet Moses. “God revealed himself as El Shadai to the patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob), but when he met Moses, God revealed himself as Yahweh. Moses was a worshipper and because he met God face to face and Yahweh was birthed to him. For the name, Yahweh has the sense of intimacy attached to it”


The new song is currently available on all digital streaming platforms for streaming now!


Watch the video of Yahweh (The song of Moses) below;


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