Angels Music Family cries out for a revival in maiden single “Spirit Overflow” – Available Now

“Spirit Overflow” is the maiden single released by the Angels Music Family, a group of passionate individuals with the mandate as worshippers, warriors, and messengers of the gospel through music. The single is out now globally and on all digital platforms.

The new song seeks to create an atmosphere of revival, and to create a hunger within us to depend on Holy Spirit. As the Bible declares believers to be the carriers of God through His Spirit, it is imperative for us to keep going deeper in our walk with the Holy Spirit, and this single reminds us of that.

Written about 5 years ago and recorded recently, “Spirit Overflow” came from a place of deep revelation of what God’s power can do in us and through in a state of daily overflow.

Spirit Overflow is presented through a thoughtfuly crafted instrumentation and arrangement. Not forgetting the vocal delivery with a great touch of uniqueness in sound.

“Fall Like Fire Today” one of the most profound parts of the lyrics is a deliberate and passionate prayer to God to see Him come as fire.

Speaking to Yahwehson Afriyie, the head of the music group, he described the song as medium of blessing;

“Kindly let this song bless you. It has great dynamics, touching lyrics, great arrangement, soothing melody and skillful instrumentation. This should be our heart cry in the current situation of life that we find ourselves. I’m really blessed listening to this song. God bless you Angels Music Family”





Holy Spirit come fall down like rain

May we see your power revealed today

Jesus take my life, all that I am

My will and desires belong to you.

We are waiting, for your glory, we are waiting for you to move

We are thirsty, for the latter rain, we are waiting for you to move.

Let your power overflow
Let your glory fill this place
Fall on both the young and old
A passion for your name today

I need you 3x
Fall like fire today




Written/Composed by: Sellas Manna
Arranged by: Alexandrah Aboagye, Sellas Manna, Hallifax Afesia
Vocals: Sellas Manna, Catherine Mensah



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