Apostle Sandra Talata’s Prevail Conference Returns to Empower Believers to Overcome

Prominent Ghanaian clergywoman Apostle Sandra Talata is set to host the 6th edition of her impactful Prevail Conference from November 10-12 at the Inner Court Chapel. Bringing together the country’s top pastors and gospel artists, the 3-day event aims to empower Christians to rise above their challenges through godly wisdom and breakthroughs.

Prevail Conference was birthed in 2017 out of a gathering Apostle Talata hosted for ladies to address difficulties in marriage, life, and more. The event garnered such an overwhelming response that in 2018, Apostle Talata rebranded it as Prevail Conference through the guidance of the Holy Spirit now open to everyone.

Since then, Prevail Conference has run annually as a gathering for teaching and spiritually equipping believers to fully overcome through Biblical truth. Apostle Talata is dedicated to helping Christians walk in freedom and victory in all aspects of life.

This year’s Prevail Conference boasts of seasoned men of God including Rev. Eastwood Anaba, Dr. Lawrence Tetteh, Prophet Paul Kweku Nii Okai, and host Apostle Talata. These influential clergy will impart wisdom and breakthroughs through anointed and impactful teachings.

Uplifting musical performances will also be an important part of setting the atmosphere for God’s presence. Talented gospel artists like Minister Paolo, Minister Benson, Minister Ida, Minister Vera, Prince Bob, and Mary Kane will lead attendees into impactful times of worship.

Since founding the Inner Court Chapel, Apostle Sandra Talata has earned respect as a growing voice of transformation in Ghana’s Christian community. She is passionate about revealing believers’ authority and equipping them to prevail spiritually.

Thousands are expected to attend Prevail Conference 2023 seeking empowerment and revival at the 6th edition. Through powerful messages and encounters, Apostle Talata aims to see all participants lifted to new realms of victory through the power of God.

With its rich legacy of breakthroughs over the past years, Prevail Conference has become a highlight of the Ministry’s calendar. Apostle Talata has gathered the country’s finest to help unlock potential and see Christians rise above all limitations.

About Apostle A.S Talata

Apostle A. S. Talata is an author of two books currently, a pastor, a musician, an entrepreneur, a life coach, a mentor to many, and a Christian Theologian who spent almost a decade of her life at the seminary before moving into full-time ministry. She is a people-driven leader who seeks to bring people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and also supports people to live a purpose-driven life. She holds a strong desire to see women live purposeful and well-to-do lives. She is the founding president of STAM, Prevailing Christian Ladies (PCL), and is the head pastor of the Inner Court Chapel (ICC).

Apostle A S Talata

Apostle A. S. Talata holds a Certificate in Ministry, a Diploma in Theology, a Bachelors Degree, and a Masters in Theology all from the Trinity Theological Seminary in Ghana. She began her full-time ministry right after her Master’s degree. She has an apostolic grace and her ministry is characterized with signs and wonders amidst singing, teaching, evangelism and prophetic ministrations. She was award as the Iconic Female Apostle of the year during the  2023 African Iconic Women Recognition Awards in Nigeria.