[Audio Download] Bennetta Koomson out with two inspiring singles you should not miss

‘Yours to Reign’ and ‘Loving God’ are the two undeniably inspiring gospel songs released by Bennetta Koomson, available for free download.

According to Bennetta Koomson, who impressively holds a Doctorate degree in Minerals and a Lecturer at the Dept of Materials Engineering , KNUST,  she has come to that point of her life where all that matters is giving Jesus our foundation the Glory in everything.

To her, its rather more fulfilling to answer the call of the savior no matter the height you have attained in life. With this in mind and the grace to sing and to write beautiful songs unto the Lord, Bennetta continues to functions and to shine to the Glory of the Father, giving birth to these two wonderful songs with others to come.

Leaving these to fallow will create a huge loss and disappointment for mankind, myself and God.


Check out the two song here;

Download Yours to Reign Here Download Loving God


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