Audio Download: Elevation Worship Debuts New Single “Never Lost”

One of America’s popular worship groups, Elevation Worship have released their brand new single, “Never Lost”, available today.

This you will consider as a faith-rich content bring Hope, Love, and Assurance to the listener. The dynamic song celebrates that we worship a God who has never lost a battle. Losing is not in his being, a God who will never leave us, never forsake us, and whose love is always victorious

This is what Chris Brown of Elevation Worship has to say about the new song,

“When we look through Scripture, we see that God’s never been intimidated by a battle his children were facing. The walls of Jericho fell. Lazarus got up from the grave. And we still worship the same Champion of Heaven who fights for us. We hope this song points you to His past faithfulness in your own life, and gives you strength for today.”

Seeing the song resonate quickly within their church, Elevation Worship soon took it into the studio and ended up collaborating with Israel Houghton and Eric Dawkins on the vocal production.

“I love the energy and attitude this song carries,” says Tiffany Hammer the lead vocalist, “and it was especially fun having a choir help bring it to life.”


Listen and download 





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