[Audio] Ewurabena Otsiwah releases a faith provoking gospel single “Nya Gyedzi”

Nya Gyedzi is an amazing and inspiring masterpiece written and sang by sensational Fante gospel musician Ewurabena Otsiwah.

Ewurabena Otsiwah is a songwriter, vocal coach, a mother, and a teacher who has been in the Ghanaian music industry for a while now and has a couple of songs to her credit.

She expressed her excitement with this recent project and shares with the world what she wishes to achieve with it. The agony of life which causes people to give up before reaching the end of the tunnel encouraged her to write this classic.

Nya Gyedzi (a Fante phrase which means Have Faith) talks about the delay in response towards our prayer request which sometimes causes us to give up on God. This song is to inspire and motivate anyone going through a difficult time to have faith and know that in his appointed time he makes all things beautiful. With God, all things are possible so we’re not to throw in the towel so early but have faith as small as the matter seed. It may take a long time but I will surely come to pass.

It is amazing how she uses her soothing voice to croon her music in her Fante local dialect and also encourages people with her craft, with previous releases like AMAZING GRACE, SESA ME, and ME KRA DO FO.

The song was Produced by wavebox studios It’s out on YouTube and all music stores online.


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*Verse 1*
Ana ɛdze w’ebisadze bi ato Nyame n’enyim oo
Atweɛn a no answer
Prayer topic kor, many years you’re still praying
Bisa dɛ Ewuradze ada anaa
Na me haw yi da ho so me oh oh oho oh oh
Edze akɔmkyen na afɔrbɔ ayɛ a
Still wo haw no ma ɔtse ara na ɔtse
Edɛ Ewuradze wo werɛ efir ‘m aa
Oho mo nua eeh
Adze kor ɔwɔ Nyame ne ho nye dɛ
Sɛ ɔgye mber yɛ adze a
Kyerɛdɛ ɔbɛyɛ ma enyiwa nnhun bi da oo
Ɔbɛyɛ ma aso nntsee bi da oo
Bible se hɔn a wɔtweɔn Ewuradze no aa
Adze nyinaa dzi boa hɔn
Nnyɛ adze bi, na
Adze nyinaa dzi boa hɔn dze aa
Tweɛn Nyame n’enyim na ɔbɛyɛ ama wo

Ɛdze w’ebisadze bi ato Nyame n’enyim a

Nya abotar fa yɛ mpaebɔ
Nya gyedzi na tweɛn na ɔyɛ n’adze wɔ ne mber mu
Nyame dze
Ɔkyɛr a ne papa mu aa ×4

*Verse 2*
Ɔyɛ nokwar Nyame kyɛr a, ne papa mu aa
Nyame kyɛr a, nna ɔdze resiesie
Nyame kyɛr a, nna ɔdze kã boa ano na ɔdze ama wo oo
Martha se, mu wura sɛ ibae ntsɛm a
Nkyɛ mu nua no woennya ennwu
Woedzi nda anan yi dze, nna wɔaprɔw
Nda anan yi dze, nna wɔasɛe oo
Mprɔwyɛ no mu na, Nyame yɛ ɔbrenpon
Mprɔwyɛ no mu na, Nyame yɛ ɔkatakye
Mprɔwyɛ ne mu na Nyame kyerɛ ne su oo
Ɔkyerɛ dɛ ɔyɛ Destiny changer
Ɔyɛ miracle worker oo
Ɔno nye I am that I am
Ɔkyer dɛn ara, Nyame bɛyɛ ama wo oo
Na ɔdze ahyɛ ne dzin enyimnyam

Ɔyɛ awar anaa dɛ awoo aa

Nya abotar fa yɛ mpaebɔ
Nya gyedzi na tweɛn na ɔyɛ n’adze wɔ ne mber mu
Nyame dze
Ɔkyɛr a ne papa mu aa ×4

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