Maverick City Music X Kirk Franklin drop new song “Bless Me”

Kirk Franklin collaborates with Maverick City Music on the newest single “Bless Me” is an infectious celebration of the bounties of life as they already are—taking the time to recognize the blessings already bestowed upon you rather than those you lack. As countless unyielding voices refrain, in stacks of traditional gospel harmonies, “we’ve got everything we need.”

Drum lines, snare rolls, and energetic horns call to mind the image of a football field or a pep rally, drawing a connection between these two spaces of celebration and powerful community. Rapid-fire hi-hat rolls and 808s frame the song with an unmistakably modern punch. More than anything, “Bless Me” evokes the electric, invincible feeling of being surrounded by your people and strengthened by their love.

“Kingdom,” the first song from the Maverick City Music x Kirk Franklin collab stayed atop the iTunes video chart (all genre) for almost two weeks. The album Kingdom Book 1’ — a collaboration with Maverick City Music x Kirk Franklin brings the topic of mass incarceration into the forefront — and it’s out Fri. June 17th, the 7th anniversary of the shooting at the Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC (a native town of two Mav City members). The collective recorded the album with more than 1300 inmates at the Everglades Correctional Facility in Florida.


Watch the video of Bless Me by Maverick City Music and Kirk Franklin








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