[Audio & Video] Minister Martin Fei out with another amazing single ‘Ruler’

Martin Ofei

Let’s take a walk down memory lane…Perhaps, not just yet.The season of Yuletide is fast approaching and to many it is about clutching unto the hands of 2019. The curtain is almost closing down on 2018 and as a year’s review it might have served bitter food on our tables. But through it all, there is a hope for a brighter future because God is our ruler.

UK Based Ghanaian gospel artiste Martin Fei has drop yet another Powerful song.
The song ”Ruler” is a message of hope and assurance to everyone believer. Dropping two hit songs this year, Martin Fei has packaged his third song in a grand style to be a blessing to all. The song carries a strong message of hope and faith in God. Martin Fei communicates a message of complete trust in God despite the difficulties that may arise . He believes that God is our ruler and reigns above everything including our challenges and weaknesses.

Disclosing his motivation for the song, He said;

“There’s no denying how the palms of 2018 has served as warmth and a reservoir for the clingy experiences of this year.Understably so,we have had to face challenges at some point in time-with some seemingly impossible to overcome.This begs the question,”In whom do we seek refuge in times like these? ”We can’t help but juxtapose the reality as against the ideal.God is the best haven-and that is not even up for debate by a doubting Thomas-but sometimes the shackles of life make us lose our faith.

While we wait for the dust to settle on our issues as the year inches closer to termination,I resonate with excerpts of Liverpool Football Club’s anthem,”When you walk through a storm,hold your head up high and don’t be afraid of the dark. At the end of the storm,there’s a golden sky.”Putting our faith in God, together,let’s walk the distance into a refreshing 2019.

Martin Fei’s earlier song releases “Aseda” and “Turn me around” has been a blessing to the entire Christian fraternity and as such it is anticipated that his latest “Ruler” will be a mega blessing.


Listen and download the audio below;








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