Believe or not Kanye West preps for a gospel album release ‘Jesus is King’

Well, it became so obvious when Kim Kardashian West, wife of the rapper Kanye West took to twitter earlier to give a clear gist of Kanye’s new project which happens to be a gospel album titled Jesus is King’ an this is scheduled for release on september 27.

kanye west gospel album

Kanye had been in the news lately for claiming to have reconnected back to his root of the Christian faith, something that became somewhat visible in ‘Sunday Service’ gospel performance sessions.

At the top of 2019, West began conducting choirs in “Sunday Service” gospel performances. The events featured gospel renditions of West classics, as well as covers and church staples. West brought “Sunday Service” to Coachella in April and has since held “Sunday Services” for Mother’s Day and to memorialize the victims of the Dayton mass shooting.


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