The business side of Nigerian Gospel music is a big challenge – Jenifer Adiele

In an interview with Gospotainment – one of Nigerians Gospel Entertainment websites, Nneka Jenifer Adiele, a Nigerian gospel artist confirms the challenges they face as gospel music ministers with regards to the marketing and business side in Nigerian.

The interview below:

Gospotainment:  Having listened to you minister especially at Gospotainment’s Anniversary earlier this year it’s really a pleasure having this conversation with you, So Tell us about you, your music foundation and ministry. Considering your abilities you could have gone to any kind of music why Gospel?


My name is Nneka Jennifer Adiele, I am from Asaba in Delta state, but I’m based in Abuja. I am married with two kids.

Music runs in the family, my parents and grandparents were all good singers, so it was passed on to me and my siblings who are also singers. By the virtue of the fact that while I was growing up my parents introduced us to church, I became born again and joined the choir and developed myself in the music ministry.

I have always taken pleasure in spreading the word of God through gospel music. As a believer and child of God, God has given us a mandate to go into the world and preach the gospel so as an obedient daughter of God and a born again I yielded to word of my father the creator that is why I am doing gospel music so that people can hear it repent and get closer to God through worship and even praise.

Gospotainment: Gospel music in Nigeria is beginning to pick serious momentum, gaining traction. What has been your experience so far? And your plans for the rest of the year


Well my experience as a gospel artist, it’s not really been easy at all, but as an upcoming artist I still struggle alone without any support of money. But because it’s a support and a passion I put in effort, doing it my little way knowing that God is leading me gradually I will get to the top.

For the rest of the year, people should expect more inspirational songs from Jennifer Adiele, that will help encourage souls, giving them hope especially in this season and time that we are in and always giving glory to God.

Gospotainment: Considering all the violence going on in the world, even right here in Nigeria what is the place of gospel and Christianity in today’s world?


Gospel music and Christianity has a very big role to play in this world. If you remove gospel and Christianity from today’s world, the world would be in even bigger chaos. Take for instance the things happening in our world today, you put on the radio or television its bad news everywhere. But gospel music and Christianity is there to curtail all these evil happening in our world and to bring people to Christ because minus the gospel and Christianity from the world, the world would have been worse than t is now, so I believe the place of Gospel and Christianity in today’s world is to win men/souls to Christ and to make the world better for it in preparation for the rapture.

Gospotainment: Gospel music in Africa as against the globe, if you would collaborate with an artist now both foreign and local who would it be ?


Gospel music in Africa comes in varities, in different forms, styles and languages. And every region has its uniqueness which reaches out to people and their needs and also dependent on the way they understand God.
Globally, African gospel music is in trend, for instance other countries around the world sing African songs, and they get blessed while we here also sing those foreign songs and also get blessed. Formally it was not so, but right now, globally people are beginning to connect to different genre of the gospel music ministry not minding the region its coming from, as long as it’s all about God they are blessed.


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