Chevelle Franklyn debuts ‘Go in your Strength’ (Video)

International award-winning Jamaican gospel singer and psalmist, Chevelle Franklyn debuts her very latest single ‘Go in Your Strength’ from her upcoming new album “South Wind: Vol.1”.

The new song comes with a bonus track ‘iPrevail‘ which seeks to provide a form of comfort in the state of a pandemic that has plunged the world in confusion.

“iPrevail was written four years ago, and recorded in South Africa, God was ahead of us. We were all set to release our Anthem of the Ages, “Go in Your Strength,” yet God is pushing with this as well. Coronavirus will not take us because the blood of Jesus prevails.”

With increasing death recorded around the world because of the pandemic, there has also been a tremendous rise of people who are recovering daily, Franklyn through her new song believes there is a time for a turnaround and we shall flourish.

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