Chidi Collins creates an atmosphere of intimacy with his latest song “Ancient of Days”

With faith as the bedrock of his music, Chidi Collins aims to draw hearts closer to the Creator and inspire a deeper relationship with God with his latest song “Ancient of Days,”, inviting listeners to experience God’s presence through the power of music.

The song is currently out on all digital platforms and the live performance video also available on Youtube which can be viewed below.


Chidi Collins has released several songs since the early 2000s, some recent hits include Ekele, Kabiyesi, Ezem, Yahweh, and Otito.

At the core of his Gospel music ministry lies a resounding message: “Worship is not the song, Worship is a wholesome offering of oneself unto God.” He strives to deliver songs exactly as the Holy Spirit has given them, believing that the impact of a gospel song lies in its profound lyrics and divine message, not solely in the beat.


About Chidi Collins

Chidi Collins is a gospel music minister whose journey began with a profound love for music since childhood. In his early teens, he found joy in singing with his younger brother while their pastor evangelized in the marketplace.

At the age of 15, Chidi’s music took a transformative turn when he accepted Christ and was filled with the Holy Spirit on the same day! His sold-out and non-compromising approach to music ministry has made him a respected and sought-after music minister; and garnered him multiple music director and music pastor appointments.

Chidi continues to be a mentor to many, leveraging on his platform and upcoming book to groom young music ministers and choral teams to understand their divine mandate.


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