Christian Urban Music Mixtape

Produced By: Sellas Manna

mannaUrban Gospel Music around the world and in Ghana is seeing a phenomenon support from especially the youthful section of the church. Artists such as Kingzkid, Esaias, Preachers, Nii Soul and the likes are setting the trend in Ghana and are some of the finest when it comes to Urban Gospel Music in Ghana. Big time Christian Hip Hop stars such as Lecrae, DaTruth, etc. who have won various awards in the grammys were at the start of their carriers criticize by the Christian Community. Proving beyond all reasonable doubts that preaching the Gospel through the youthful genre of  Hip Hop and R&B will get the youths of our times saved, this Christian centered Music of late seen a lot of  endorsement by  especially the youth of the church.

Being passionate about Contemporal and Urban Gospel Music, I believes that Urban Gospel Music have the ability to change the individual and to make our faith rise up as it contains real life Christian issues channeled through rap music. To me, it is the words of the songs that matters, and who it glorifies. Once it glorifies God, I am for it and you can enjoy it, singing aloud. For that reason, I have selected some of the finest collection of Christian Hip Hop which I call Christ pop and turned them into this wonderful hour and a half mix tape.

Enjoy this soothing songs and also don’t forget to leave a comment, I will be glad to hear from you.

Just wanna remind you that, i will be writing extensively on this particular topic soon. Watch out.

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