Christian Vibes Gh founder Bra Banie named among the top 50 bloggers in Ghana.

Having founded and run Christian Vibes Gh, one of the leading gospel blogs in Africa for couples of years, its in place to recognize Bra Banie again on Avance Media’s Top 50 Ghanaian Bloggers lists.

Mentioned on the 29th spot, Avance Media organized bloggers awards named Christian Vibes Gh and its sub outlets among the leading 50 blog handles in Ghana.

Bra Banie

Christianity is never boring and has been the main echo of the brand since its inception a few years ago. The brand has matured over time with recognition on major platforms and events.

Christian Vibes under the auspices of Bra Banie has served as partners as well as advisors on major Christian events in Ghana and abroad. To mention a few, the brand has served as a marketing and advertising campaigner for Tehillah Experience (Ghana), Experience (Ghana), Awake Experience (Ghana), Awake Experience (U.K), and many others.

Bra Banie


Bra Banie is recognized as one who upholds Christian virtuousness and it is evident in all his dealing both locally and internationally. He is a lover of the gospel of Jesus and a football fan.

Congratulations and keep being a blessing to the Christian space. Kadosh!




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