Christians should take this lockdown period to reconcile with their maker – Diana Asamoah urges

Gospel musician Diana Asamoah in a recent interview sort to urge Christian who are far off from God in their heart to use this period of the lockdown to draw closer.

She sort to encourage everyone that there is a purpose for every happening under the sun and instead of grumbling, there are a number of good benefits we can derive from this restriction of movement period which can serve as a period to strengthen our personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The President of the republic in addressing the nation in his 6th address in relation to the Coronavirus pandemic justified imposing the restrictions insisting they are necessary in this crucial moment.

The gospel minstrel, speaking in relation to the President’s duty and orders emphasized that as a  Christian, one needs to give thanks to God in all things including coronavirus period.

According to her, many Christians have been deceived by false prophets and preachers in the name of miracles.

“Christians should take this lockdown period as a time to reconcile with their maker. With the church being shut now, many Christians will start studying the word of God and get closer to him.” Evangelist Diana Asamoah said on Rainbow Radio

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