The Church must start paying attention to the various giftings – Alexandrah

One of the most respected and sort after female vocalists in Ghana Alexandrah , a vocal coach and a music tutor has recently added her voice to the long standing issue of development of gifting in the church.

In an interview with Jeshurun Okyere on Light on Live on Live FM, the songstress first of all debunk claims from the angle where people see development of gifting in the Church as the sole responsibility of the Church.

The ‘Redeemed’ singer added that inasmuch as the Church has a role to play in paying critical attention to helping individuals develop their gifts to the maximum, the individuals must also make the necessary  effort to work on their level of knowledge, branding and overall packaging.


This according to her will help attract more opportunities from outside the confines of their mother Churches.
Over spirituality of everything in the church according to her wont help develop home grown talent for the church..

“The Church should start paying attention to the Gift that God has blessed us with, because life is real. Lets not spiritualize everything, if Everything was about spirituality, God wouldnt have given us 12 hours day and 12 hours night, that means God is telling us something. He deems equal respect to spiritual things as he would to physical things. So the church should start channelling some energy into the gifting just so they dont go out there to look for ends meet to the detriment of walking out of the Church.



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