Daughters of Glorious Jesus unveiled as official ambassadors for SDGs

Legendary Gospel trio, Daughters of Glorious Jesus have been officially unveiled as ambassadors of Ghana’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) together with Asamoah by the Millenium Promise Alliance (MPA) for the next three years.

The deal will see them, with the support of some resource persons, go to schools and market places among others to engage people. Addressing the media on Wednesday at the office of MPA Ghana on the roles of ambassadors, the Country Director Nathaniel Ebo Nsarko, said measures adopted by his outfit would ensure that a smooth running of this project by these ambassadors which include Daughters of Glorious Jesus.

According to the Director, the global goals which are futuristic in character are targetting 2010, which means that there is the need to get young people involved by mobilizing them with those they admired.

“We are using what is called ‘edutainment’ so that we get them to understand and appreciate SDG’s beyond the rhetoric because our politicians will only speak about the SDG’s in passing but not in action. We have to be careful who we select because it is not just about being a celebrity. Some celebrities would come and pollute what we are doing. They will preach one thing and practice vice and we don’t want that,” he said.

Chief Nat further noted that MPA will “bring on board people who do painting, choreography, and things that appeal to the young people and even the old to send home the actual content of the SDGs.”

Daughter of Glorious Jesus expressed gratitude and assured all of their commitment to duty.

“We always want to do something aside ministration of songs. We thank God that the Millennium Promise Alliance is coming out with this wonderful project. On behalf of my sisters, we are so happy to be part of this. We are ever ready to go wherever and engage the people,” Cynthia, leader of the group said.






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