Download/Stream: Kanye West and Sunday Service crew Releases new album titled “Jesus is born”

Kanye West and his Sunday Service crew have put together a brand new album “Jesus is born” chronicling all recent beautiful performances of the crew after Kanye’s Chart-topping 9th studio album “Jesus is King” earlier this year.

This can be considered as a follow-up album to Jesus is King and was released on December 25th to commemorate the holy birth of Jesus Christ in this season.

The moving harmonies of Jesus Is Born stretch out over a one-hour, 24-minute period, singing praises about God, recounting Biblical narratives and reworking West’s famous, secular anthems (“Father Stretch,” “Fade” and “Ultralight Beam”) that Sunday Service-goers are all too familiar with.

Check out Track Listing below and stream on all platforms





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