Dr Sonnie Badu has duly earned the name “Rain Man” after a wet ministration in Abidjan

Dr. Sonnie Badu who has earned the nickname ”Rain Man” over time has experienced quite a number of rainfall during his concerts leading patrons to a thrilling concert that saw worshippers carrying their chairs as a shield to show their willingness to worship amidst the heavy rains.

According to reliable sources, a breakdown of 3 keyboards coupled with other technical challenges yet the determined Badu and his team matched the rain boot for boot with nonstop praise and dance through a few instruments and objects that are available at the time.

The success of the event has dominated news headlines in Ivory Coast and other continents due to the intensity of the encounter.

This will certainly go down in the history books of the Ivory Coast as one of the biggest and most successful events for a long time.

sonniebadu in abidjan

sonniebadu in abidjan




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