Dunsin Oyekan reveals the mysteries in ‘The Blood And The Name’ of Jesus in new song

After a very impressive faith-boosting recent single titled ‘Anthem (What God Cannot Do Does Not Exist)‘, the Nigerian gospel star Dunsin Oyekan known for his thought-provoking gospel song debuts another new single “The Blood And The Name”.

In this new single, Dunsin Oyekan reveals the mysteries the blood of Jesus cries out when we mention the Name, declaring that “He who has the name owns the blood, and it speaks better things for me”

On Social Media earlier, Dunsin shared;

“The Lord said to me in the place of fellowship recently, “when you call the name of Jesus, His blood cries out, says Dunsin “I believe the Lord is leading us to exercise the power in the blood of Jesus. For the Life of the flesh is in The Blood. When you release the name of JESUS, You are evoking the power in the Blood”

Dunsin Oyekan is known for his infectious worship passion and for his hit songs such as Omole De, Breathe, At All Cost, Frangrance to Fire, Songs of Angels, and many others. He has really revolutionized the concept of worship revival in the body of Christ with a great number of followers for his ministry across the continent of African and around the world.

Watch the live recorded song below;





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