Five (5) inspirational Ghanaian Afrobeat gospel songs to set your week right

We all do need some form of motivation or draw inspiration from something to keep moving. And you and I know, one great tool to kick you into your game is music, and you don’t want to listen to any kind of music because music is powerful.

Lets get inspired by these five (5) carefully selected gospel Afrobeat Jams that will set your mind on the positives and the promises of God which are “Yea and Amen” as you have started your week.




1.Akesse Brempong – Blessed ft Joe Mettle

akesse brempong blessed ft Joe mettle

Akesse’s Afrobeat jam, Blessed ft Joe Mettle offers restoration, and hope, shifting attention to the fact that, in spite of what we go through on a daily basis, we are still blessed and not cursed. The feet tapping and head nodding song creates the mood for a gentle dance. Also, the perfect vocal diversity from the two gospel stars made the song come alive.


2. Ps Edwin Dadson – This Far By Grace ft Niiella

Edwin dadson - this far by grace

‘This Far by Grace’ points to the only source from where our, Grace, Help, and Strength comes from – Jesus Christ. The Bible says Grace and Truth came through Him therefore, what we have and have become are as a result of pure Grace. Or what do we have that is not given to us from about?

This far by Grace indeed.


3. Overflow INC – Bossu

overflowinglobal bossu

This is another masterpiece from the renowned Ghanaian music group after their last single “BRA”, a music piece that literally means “Come”. The song ‘Bossu’, a slang which connotes someone in high authority, exercising power over a domain, is purely an Afropop Gospel song with an element that will appeal to the young generation with an ever-changing taste for music in general.


4. Jacquelyn Oforiwaa-Amanfo – Miracle God

Jacquelyn Oforiwaa-Amanfo - Miracle God

‘Miracle God’, is a song that defines the miraculous and supernatural side of God and how He is able to bring a complete turnaround to her life. To Jacquelyn, if the Lord was able to turn water into wine, and bring back the dead, He is well able to do that today and even more exceedingly.

‘Eze nye’ a phrase in the Yoruba language brings the song alive as it connotes ‘cheers or a toast to the King’. Let this song bring you hope and trust in the name of Lord as the one who is able to do the impossible.


5. Carl Clottey – Deedew

Carl clottey deedew

Carl Clottey’s Deedew reminds us of the love Jesus demonstrates towards us even in our weakest state. The Afrobeat Jam from this incredible worshipper and songwriter empowers our faith in Christ Jesus to trust, hope, and to love in spite of the circumstances around us.


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