I was foolish to have performed for free at Churches at the start of my Music career – Erico


The once vibrant gospel artiste and winner of TV3 Mentor 3 has regarded his action of not to have charged churches for his ministrations at the start of his gospel music career as foolish.

According to him, during his young days as an upcoming gospel musician, performing at gospel events was not charged by him so pastors and event organizers will mostly ride on this to offer him nothing at the end of the day.

Admitting his actions are “foolish” or childish if you like, Erico lament on the issue of Churches considering their Gift as from God so no remuneration after performance.

Erico made these submissions on the Christian Entertainment Review Show on GN-TV with Nii Noi last Saturday.

“I’ve been through this situation several times and sometimes I become so stranded and wanting to curse God for giving me this career. I once walked from Nungua to North Kaneshie because I was so foolish and shy to demand for what is due me. Most pastors think our music career is just to help promote God’s work but they’ve forgotten how that brand got to the level.

I agree with Francis Amoo for saying that God Bless you won’t buy you fuel for your car but the problem nowadays is hypocrisy on the part of Christians. Why would the pastor be paid from this same offering from the members yet they ignore to pay me when I also perform similar duties as he.?

“It’s because of attitudes of these church leaders we talk about payment before coming to the church to perform. For me, I ask how much the Pastor can afford to pay me and my crew but if he pushes for me to charge, I will openly tell him the amount.

“When I started gospel music, I was fooled because I didn’t have good structures but for now I have learned my lessons so I wouldn’t fall prey to these Church leaders scam of ignoring to pay me for performances. When I was taken ill, I realized I had nothing to hold on to so now I don’t perform for free.” Erico indicated

The latest project from Erico was his fifth (5th) album titled ‘M’ayanwu’ which literary means ‘Close shave’ last year, April 30, 2017




Credit: KassapaOnline

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