Frank Edwards Surprises His Manager With a Range Rover Sport

Gospel music super star Frank Edwards early this week bought his long time manager EezeeTee a Range Rover sport Vehicle. Ezekiel has been manager of Rock Town Boss for 5 years now and has diligently served his ministry.

EezeeTee as he is fondly called is an artist too, but put a break to his career to work with Frank Edwards and today that sacrifice has paid off in a very magnificent reward. When spoke with EezeeTee, he was so excited and kept saying ‘’there is a reward for serving the Lord’’ and to all young gospel artistes who are thinking of going secular because they feel gospel does not pay, He has this to say, ‘’I want young gospel artistes to know that the Lord is faithful and if you are faithful in serving the Lord and diligent in honouring those that God has put as your leaders, he will surely reward your faithfulness’’.

According to Frank Edwards who posted on His Instagram Page ” Just as the driver was about driving this car to my Dad, GOD just reminded me of someone who abandoned his music career 5 years ago to work with me as a manager & assistant.. And has put in so much effort serving , many people mocked him saying “why are you working for this small boy” but he put in even more effort! Well now you have seen what small boys do. Today ezzy is happily married and got a beautiful life going , service pays , diligence is power! So I decided to let him have this and get something new for papa! That’s the way JEHOVAH wants it done.#rocktownindabuilding”

EeZee has been with him from the days he could only feed himself, in the days no one was getting paid. This should be a lesson to young people.

Source: GmusicPlus

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