Freddie G. inspires the world with his new single “This Too Shall Pass” (@iamwoleoni)

From his view, Freddie strongly believes that people all over the world could use some encouragement and hope right now.

Following an unusual and demanding 2020, the losses, the grief, the pain, the shocks, the isolation, and all. Laughing or smiling became an alien in many homes.

Alas! Freddie, births a solution, a song that is congruous with the silver lining of hope that is in our cloud right now.

It’s a hybrid of Calypso, an Afro-centric blend with rumba Garnished with pop elements with a potent horns ensemble.

THIS TOO SHALL PASS, produced by the living music production Legend, Ambassador Wole Oni, is laced with bosa nova acoustic guitars and the vintage Nigeria Easter solo guitar licks and phrases. While retaining the real jungle African percussion Rhythm.

In his words, “no matter what is going on or what you are going through, know this, IT SHALL PASS!! Hold onto your faith and continue to trust God!! He loves and cares for you.”

The song is a total package of HOPE: encouragement, expectation, excitement, anticipation, and resilience.

There should be no excuse for not adding this song to your playlist. As it is now available in video and audio format on digital stores.





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