The Ghana Christian Musicians Association (GCMA) to embark on a Prayer Walk

The Ghana Christian Musicians Association (GCMA) will on the 9th of June, be embarking on a Prayer Walk up the Aburi hill – from the Ayi-Mensah Toll Booth to Hephzibah Gardens, from 6am to 10am.

This unique event, the association believes will afford them the opportunity to pray, network, exercise and most importantly engage the interim leadership in an open forum.

When I think about what God has began it reminds me about Jesus’ prayer that we may be one… Whoever thought that against the bad propaganda (sometimes self-inflicted) against Christian Musicians lately, the Lord can gather us again for one of His prophetic end-time moves… I don’t see this as a mere association, but a movement for change to keep us focused on our respective and collective assignments before our Master returns. Indeed some may be distracted by many things but I believe there a lot more who are faithfully serving in high and low places and I’m excited to identify with y’all come June 9 I can go on and on about the exciting prospects but let me save the best part for the occasion Let’s come prayed up and expectant – Nii Okai

The Ghana Christian Musicians Associations mostly made up of persons engaged in the production, promotion, distribution and presentation of gospel music in Ghana held its maiden night of socialization and evangelism on the 9th of May at the Silverbird Cinemas in Accra Mall, barely a month ago. This drew the family of over 150 well known and upcoming Gospel musicians, creative artistes and key media personalities.

This was basically an event designed to promote the PlayGhana drive and to foster unity among the gospel music fraternity.

You can read more regarding the earlier night out here

Next on the plate for GCMA is the Prayer Walk. The industry players are therefore encourage to participate in this engaging activity that presents the opportunity for networking and relationship building within the family.


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