A Ghanaian church leader recounts how he lose GHC800K to Sport Betting addiction

Known by first name Jonathan, a young and devout Christian narrated how he went from owning three houses and a fleet of cars to losing everything, including his wife’s savings, and owing over Ghc100,000 due to sports betting.

According to Jonathan, he was a novice who got lucky the first time and won. But the excitement in knowing he could make easy money dragged him into a bottomless pit he is now struggling to escape.

“A friend introduced me to betting, and my first stake was Ghc5000. I was a novice, but the guy who introduced me was good at sports analysis, so I had a profit of Ghc3900,” he said.

He told Giovani on the 3FM Drive that he continued to place large sums of money on bets after his first win and went ahead to win up to Ghc80k on his third attempt. That was when he lost his sanity to betting.

“The second time, I placed a bet of Ghc3000 and won Ghc5000. On the third time, I staked Ghc20,000 and won Ghc80,000. I asked God, where has this been all this while and I have been suffering. I didn’t know there was such an avenue to make me rich, and that day the betting spirit sank deep into my spirit and blood,” Jonathan said.

Jonathan said his woes began when he invested the entire money he made on the third day into getting and losing it all.


That was only the beginning as he went ahead to borrow monies. He also used life savings and money from his business. He lost it all!

He has now become an advocate preaching against gambling addiction.




Source: 3news.com

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