Ghanaian Urban Gospel Dude Kingzkid nailed it in Kenya awesomely

For the past few years running, Kingzkid, who is noted to be one of the major contributors to urban gospel music in Ghana has proved his ability and God given talent both in Ghana and around the world, preaching the Gospel through Gospel rap music, and this time round, making us proud once again in Kenya.

The event held on Saturday the 30th of September in First Love Church  – the branch of Light House Chapel International in Nairobi – Kenya, saw an electrifying performance from the urban Gospel dude.


With an amazing engagement with the crowd through some of his hit songs, Kingzkid who also celebrated his birthday a day before, thrilled his audience to a charged atmosphere of Gospel Music where most can’t help it but to stand on their feet, jumping and clapping their hands to the glory of God in total praise to Yahweh.


As if it was all over, Kingzkid on Sunday October 1st, met the students of University of Zetech University  (Kenya’s premier University for Education of Technology, Science and Business) an event put together by Citizen TV in Kenya and thrilled them to an awesome Urban Gospel performance.

Of course by now I know you are familiar with his hit song ‘I got my Jesus on’ which i guess you still enjoy. The student at Zetech University massively enjoyed themselves to the treat of ‘I got my Jesus’ with a beautiful ‘Jump – turnaround’ dance that accompanied it.


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