Ghana’s Rising Gospel Star Lordina The Soprano To Bless The World With Maiden Album ‘Charis’

Rising Ghanaian classical-choral singer Lordina The Soprano is all set to release her highly anticipated debut album ‘Charis’ due out October 16th. She has also released stunning pictures showcasing her readiness for this project and her sense of style.

Over the past few years, Lordina The Soprano has been steadily building her profile in Ghana’s gospel scene through a string of successful singles. Hits like “Onyonko Nokwafo,” “His Grace,” and “Gye Wo Nkoa” have received radio play and amassed hundreds of thousands of YouTube views.

Her latest single, “Gye Wo Nkoa” featuring renowned artist Joe Mettle, has become a particular breakout. The upbeat gospel track highlights Lordina’s soprano range and chemistry with her veteran collaborator. It’s still gaining steam months after release.

Through her music and growing media presence, Lordina The Soprano is establishing herself as one of Ghana’s most promising young gospel talents. She has performed at prestigious events like the Praise Achievement Awards alongside her country’s top gospel acts.

International audiences are also taking notice of the charismatic vocalist. With a sound blending contemporary and traditional Ghanaian influences, she represents a new generation sharing gospel music from Africa with the world.

The upcoming album ‘Charis’ marks a milestone for an artist still early in her career. Lordina has described the project, which translates to “grace” in Greek, as a gift from God. If her singles are any indication, ‘Charis’ will showcase Lordina The Soprano’s abundant vocal gifts through uplifting gospel anthems.

As she prepares to unveil her first body of work, anticipation continues building around one of Ghana’s rising gospel stars. With grace and talent, Lordina The Soprano is poised to make a divine introduction to ‘Charis.’



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