God is already working miracles through my new song – Ohemaa Mercy

Revered and anointed Ghanaian gospel singer Ohemaa Mercy has noted that God is already taking control of her latest release “Ote Me Mu” to work miracles in the lives of some people who have come in contact with the song.

According to the minstrel who granted an interview on TV3’s New Day, “Ote Me Mu (He Lives In Me)” released just two weeks is a God-breathed message to all who have lost hope and fighting one battle after another and at the verge of giving up completely. The song is here to remind them that Jesus still lives in them and they will surely overcome.

Ohemaa referenced a recent miraculous happening in a hospital that involved one of her spiritual daughters who was seeking the healing touch of God through the song. According to the singer, the doctor and nurses in charge were not so confident of the success of their procedure but God showed up and granted her the complete healing she desired. This sparked a revival in the room where they were. The doctor and a few others lifted up their voices, praying in other tongues.

Ohemaa Mercy also noted that she was helped by secular gospel musician Kwabena Kwabena in putting the song together, adding that God can use anyone and anything to accomplish His purpose.

When the host, MzGee asked for her opinion on the controversial issue of gospel singers working with secular artists, Ohemaa noted that there is nothing wrong with working with secular artists, the only problem is where there is no result to show forth for evangelizing to them.

“At the end of the end, evangelism must still continue to those who don’t know Christ and God can use anyone. At the same time, the purpose of evangelism must be seen.” – She added.


Watch Ote Me Mu below;

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