Gospel singer Amanda Antunes out with debut single “There Is Healing In This House”

Introducing Amanda Antunes making her entry into the Gospel music industry with her debut single titled “THERE’S HEALING IN THIS HOUSE”.

Amanda Antunes is a true worshiper & a lover of God. She’s an American gospel musician and songwriter. Amanda started singing and writing from a very young age. Amanda would sing at weddings, funerals, and many church programs. She would also sing in nightclubs before She gave her life to Christ. Amanda is fully submitted to God And the work he has placed in her hands. In 2021 Amanda decided to pursue a music career.

Amanda Antunes there is healing

Speaking about her new song Here’s Healing” She said “Music for me is sharing God’s love and his word through my songs. It’s all about the impact for me. My goal is to reach nations with my song by telling everyone about the love of Christ. It’s all about impact. My joy is for someone to listen to my songs and be inspired, for someone to listen to my song and give their hearts to the Lord… it’s all about the impact for me”, Amanda prays that this song Will bring healing and deliverance to God’s chosen people.

Amanda Antunes was born in Orangeburg South Carolina December 29, to the parents of Joseph and Candies Antunes. Her father’s parents were from Portugal and her mother was African-American. After high school, Amanda pursued her nursing degree. Amanda has seven sisters and seven brothers.

Her sister Tonya will always call her with ideas about songs. She was a great inspiration to her. .Amanda has two beautiful daughters Candies and Tongie. As of now, she is a private duty nurse for several private clients.

Her best friend Apostle Odibo Marvelous told her to write a song every 2 weeks. This was always a dream of hers. So she released her first single on June 11, 2021 (THERE’S HEALING IN THIS HOUSE )


Watch the video of “There’s Healing In this House” below;




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