Graceful Worship Event Review

Graceful worship


Graceful Worship is a worship program organized by School of Worship of the Music Department of the Revival Restoration Centre – Assemblies of God. This worship event took place on the 10th of May , 2015 in the Church auditorium with a not too well attended situation.


Osuani John, a young and vibrant minister’s curtain raised the program with a medley of prophetic twi songs, setting the right atmosphere for worship in the presence of our Lord.

Yenukoa continued from where Osuani left off and did a couple of his songs. Heralds Of worship toasted the congregation to a beautiful choreography then Joshua Nkruma n the craddle of love ministered.

Unlike the Osuani and Yenukoa, they ministered with only the keyboard,the youth choir of RRC were next to minister, it was getting to the end of their ministration that the program began to come to life with a blend of various twi songs. It was evident that the congregation had been starved with the more familiar twi songs.

Pastor Caleb took the ministration to another level when he ministered about Grace. Then Nii Lantey kept everybody meditating on the words of his poetry when he spoke about using our bodies as a living sacrifice.Then there was another choreography ministration that was to pave way for the school of worship. Finally the time had come and the school of worship ministered. They ministered powerfully and put the icing on the cake.Min Eugene Zuta ministered with the school of worship and Minister Eugene Zuta didn’t disappoint, when he made the atmosphere come alive with some of his own songs known to the congregation. Mrs Liz Nkruma(wife of Apostle Dr Nkruma testified of being restored of her strength after the ministration).


The program billed started late, instead of 4pm it started at 5pm and was not too well attended.


In all it was a great worship experience, and had a lot of talents passing through and a blend of different forms of worship tools such poetry, choreography.

A review by Thomas Yahwehson Afriyie(WHG)