Grammy Award winning singer Fantasia goes Gospel

American idol winner Fantasia Barrino has announced in a Facebook post that she is bringing God’s ministry to the stage. Bringing in my New Year with Worship was everything to me . When Yahweh, which is God, who sits high and looks low speaks, I listen. What I’ve come to realise is my Ministry is right there on that stage,” she wrote.

“2016 will be a great year, but know this, the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. So he will only turn up a lil’ more but the key is YOU PRAY A LIL’ MORE,” she said. “What he should realise now about Fantasia Taylor, is I can’t be stopped. If God is before me that’s more than the whole world against me.”

Fantasia has always been pretty open on social media about her faith but this is her strongest statement yet and we’re intrigued as to what musical direction she will go in next.

Check out this video of Fantasia and her mother singing He’s Done Enough.


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