Great Gospel music talent Julia Asante-Mensah out with ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ (Cover)

‘The Lord’s Prayer’, originally written and sang by Albert Hay Malotte’s has seen another beautiful cover by the budding gospel music sensation and songwriter Julia Asante-Mensah.

Just as the title goes, the song taken from the very popular passage of scripture where Jesus taught us how to pray has been clothed with such a sweet and soulful melody.

The new and beautiful cover which happens to be Julia’s first official gospel release was heavily inspired by one rendition done by Andrea Broccelli according to the artist.

“Its a rendition of Albert Hay Malotte’s Lords prayer, heavily inspired by Andrea Broccelli’s rendition of it. 2019 in retrospect was tough, thought we should end the year with a prayer and begin with a song! What better song to use than the Lord’s Prayer.”

Julia is known to be a very soulful psalmist, singer, and songwriter. Born into a family of singers from Ghana, she is well able to bring a bit of neo-soul in every contemporary gospel she ministers.

‘The Lord’s Prayer’ cover by Julia Asante-Mensah was produced by Aeon Music and is available on the following music platforms for streaming and download:

  1. Apple Music
  2. Spotify
  3. Deezer
  4. Aftown—-julia-asante-mensah
  5. Amazon
  6. Napster
  7. Tidal

Social Julia on all media Platforms
1. Instagram- @julias_gram
2. Facebook Page- Julia Asante-Mensah (@juliaasante.mensah)
3. Twitter- @juleeya_




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