He would draw you out of the pit

Jonah 2:6 NIV
To the root of the mountains I sank down; the earth with beneath barred me in forever. But you, Lord my God, brought my life from the pit.

Jonah when faced with the reality about his situation made a prayer to God.

Some lessons to draw from his prayer
* Be real with God when you come before him in prayer. Jonah said, the mountains were sinking him. Don’t fake your situation, speak to God in clear unambiguous terms.
* There are times it looks like everything is against you and you maybe against your own self. Your mind tells you that both animate and inanimate things maybe speaking against you.
* The Good news is that God is with you. He is more than a multitude against you.
* He would bring you out of every pit. Pit of loneliness, depression, frutilessness, poverty, rejection. God is an expert in drawing life out of dead situations. Your own case won’t be different

Further Reading: Psalm 40:2

Oh Lord am forever grateful for the assurance of your presence daily. My heart is full of joy because you are not oblivious of my situation. Thank you for higher heights you are about to usher me into in Jesus name
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