Heavenly Profession

Galatians 1:12
I didn’t receive it through the traditions, and I wasn’t taught it in some school. I got it straight from God, received the Message directly from Jesus Christ.(MSG)

Why do we choke on the word professional in those connections? Because professionalization carries the connotation of an education, a set of skills, and a set of guild-defined standards which are possible without faith in Jesus. Professionalism is not supernatural. The heart of ministry is.

The language of “professionalization” is seldom used in these regards, but the quiet pressure felt by many pastors is: Be as good as the professional media folks, especially the cool anti-heroes and the most subtle comedians. This is not the overstated professionalism of the three-piece suit and the stuffy upper floors but the understated professionalism of torn blue jeans and the savvy inner ring.

This professionalism is not learnt in pursuing an MBA but it is to know about the ever-changing entertainment and media world. This is the professionalization of ambiance, and tone, and idiom, and timing, and banter. It is more intuitive and less taught. More style and less technique. More feel and less force. Stop being professional because Christ has granted US a greater qualification. We are not called professionals according to the standard of this world. We are the heavenly called ” professionals”.

Let me ask you a few questions. Is there professional praying? Professional trusting in God’s promises? Professional weeping over souls? Professional musing on the depths of revelation? Professional rejoicing in the truth? Professional praising God’s name? Professional treasuring the riches of Christ? Professional walking by the Spirit? Professional exercise of spiritual gifts? Professional dealing with demons? Professional pleading with
backsliders? Professional perseverance in a hard marriage? Professional playing with children? Professional courage in the face of persecution? Professional patience with everyone?
That’s for starters and babes.

Heavenly father,I thank you for being my revelator and granting me all revelations to live a victorious life.
Today I make intercession for the perishing and the weak. I travail for all the backslidden. And I thank you for giving me the upper hand over their souls. I may not be a professional before the world but you have championed my cause to be a blessing. In Jesus name. Amen

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