“I Have Been Married For 4 Years Without A Child but I feel good” – Cindy Thompson

Take marriage away and the next thing every woman (well, most women) wants to experience is motherhood. It is fulfilling and no one needs to be a mother to know how content and happy they would be if and when they become one.

We can only understand what veteran gospel singer Cindy Thompson is going through after four years of marriage.

According to her, she has been married for the past four years and has not taken seed but her unwavering faith and trust in the good Lord assures her that everything would be fine since it is this same God who gave her a good man to marry when she prayed.

“I’ve been married for four years without a child but I feel good. I feel good because I’m counting on God. God gives everything, when I wanted to marry, I prayed to God and he gave me a husband.

“God knows I want to bear a child and so, in the same manner, He helped Hannah, Sarah and Rachel in the Bible I believe he’s going to do it for me,” Cindy Thompson told show host Nana Romeo.

“I trust God so much that he can do whatever I need. God brought me the right man to marry and so why won’t he give me a child at the right time?”



Source: Ghana Celebrities

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