Inspirers out with new single “Mysterious God” feat. Emmanuel Smith

All glory to the Sovereign God who is the creator of Space and Time for inspiring us with a beautiful, soul-touching, and spirit-filled melodious song for the season in which we find ourselves.

The Inspirers media team announces the release of their new single titled Mysterious God which features UK-based gospel and vocal powerhouse Emmanuel Smith.

The aftermath of this global pandemic and its unanticipated challenges has repositioned world leaders and their citizenry across the globe to find new methodological approaches to adjust and recover from the negative impacts. The lyrical content of the new song is full of assurances and hope that nothing is impossible with God if we call on Him in our time of distress (Jeremiah 33:3).

It is important to note that all the mysteries surrounding the unfolding events of our time are understood better within the context of God’s word that has the solutions to our predicaments.


Why Mysterious God?

Mysteries contain events and happenings beyond human thinking and imagination. In this sense, human minds lack the understanding and capacity to fully grasp the nature and sovereignty of the supreme God (Isaiah 55:8-9). The mere presence of our existence is a mystery.

For example, how conception takes place, how we sleep and wake up, and how we experience healing and restoration when we are declared lifeless and hopeless. GOD is a mysterious God who works in mysterious ways to fix our problems.


Life on Earth 

Since the fall of man, life has not been easy until the redemptive work of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ. Beloved, when life presents difficult and hopeless situations, don’t give up or even say God does not exist. In that circumstance, encouraging yourself with MYSTERIOUS GOD is uplifting. When David was in distress by his loss (See 1 Samuel 30), he encouraged himself in the Lord his God. The questions are, What stands like a mountain before you? Has God’s promises concerning your life been delayed? Do you feel betrayed and disappointed by close friends? Is your life being threatened by that chronic sickness? Has your marriage/ relationship hit the rocks? Don’t give up, inquire of the Lord and He will open your eyes to the mystery and give you solutions. Understand His ways are mysterious and miraculously work to fulfill our needs.

Reaching out to God with my plea in one of my difficult moments, no other song dropped on my lips than this melody; Mysterious God. Enjoy this and many of the inspirers’ songs on our YouTube and other digital streaming platforms. – Dr. Prince Boamah Abrah (Writer/Composer – Mysterious God and president of Inspirers Ministry)


As you listen to the song;

Pray that God gives our leaders the divine wisdom to heal the world’s socio-economic and political crises.

Pray for God to reveal the mystery regarding every delay.

Pray for God to open our eyes to His mysterious way and make us solutions to and messengers of change in Jesus’ mighty name Amen



About Inspirers Ministry

Inspirers Ministry is an international music and evangelistic ministry based in Ghana. The group comprises dedicated Christians and professionals in both the public and private sectors with rich academic and work experiences.

Our members have a great passion for soul winning and offering selfless human services to all. Our general aim is to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ and provide social support and assistance for the vulnerable and underprivileged in society regardless of race, color, and religion. We have consistently and successfully implemented our mission since 2012 as inspired by God in connection with this.

Inspirers: Touching lives Shaping Destinies.




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