Kanye West drops a surprise EP “Emmanuel” featuring The Sunday Service Choir

Kanye West surprised the world once more by dropping his new EP on Christmas Day featuring his vibrant gospel choir Sunday Service Choir exactly a year after the mega release of “Jesus Is King” album

The 43-year-old rapper released his new five-track album, Emmanuel, presented by his Sunday Service Choir and produced by Yeezy himself.

He called the new release a ‘celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ’ and it includes a collection of music performed by a choir, which was described as ‘ancient and Latin inspired new music’. The five tracks are titled ‘Requiem Aeternam’, ‘O Mira Nox’, ‘O Magnum Mysterium’, ‘Puer’ and ‘Gloria’ – it’s available now on Spotify and Apple Music.

Just last year, Ye said he was ‘done’ with secular music. He decided to only release gospel music going forward, taking offense when Drake questioned if he would go back to non-religious music in the future.

At a Sunday Service session in LA, Kanye said: “I take offense when somebody calls me secular.

“Y’all can look at the domes that we were building, affordable homes, y’all call that bizarre. Y’all can take the picture of me painting it silver, y’all can call that what y’all want.” He added: “But don’t call me secular ’cause secular is trying to say that I’ll do anything for anyone other than Christ. “That’s where they got it messed up. That’s where they got it twisted.”

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