Lecrae releases “Deep End” – A song inspired by his personal struggles growing up

Multiple Award-winning Christian rapper, entrepreneur and social activist, Lecrae has released a brand new gospel rap music chronicling his journey through struggles growing up as a young man.

Lecrae who confirmed this song as personal shares on social media about the inspiration behind this new release;

“A couple years ago my childhood trauma came to a head. I felt abandoned and turned my back on everything and everyone I loved, including God… I wanted a transactional escape from my pain, depression, and anxiety. God is not transactional though, he’s relational.”

According to the GRAMMY Award-winning artiste, he was looking forward to one of the most successful years in his life only to wake in 2020 with so much unrest and many troubles on all sides.

“I began my journey of restoration. As we approached 2020 I was positive that this would be a phenomenal year, only to find myself with more problems, more issues and more unrest,” Lecrae continued.

“2020 has been a difficult year. I have found myself in immense pain over the past couple months from the affects of the pandemic to the perpetuation of injustice and racism in America. As I navigate my struggles, I am realizing that restoration is ongoing. It’s not a season, it’s a lifestyle. Restoration is choosing to walk with God continually as you walk through a world with deep rooted, damaged flesh.”


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