Legendary Gospel Singer Obaapa Christy Uplifts with “It Will Change (Ebesesa)” Single

Legendary Ghanaian gospel singer Obaapa Christy is starting off the year on a high and inspiring note with the release of her spirit-lifting new single “It Will Change.”

“It Will Change” new single is accompanied by a compellingly beautiful visual with a well-thought-through concept shot by SkyWeb Videos. Obaapa Christy’s smooth and soulful vocals flow over a glossy and slow Ghanaian element-intensed production. True to the message in its title, the song radiates positivity and hope, with the Ghanaian star using her voice to declare better days ahead.

As she sings reassuring lyrics like “It will change, it will change for your good,” the rhythmic soulful ballad fusion makes “It Will Change” primed for radio play and Spotify success. It looks set to follow other Obaapa Christy crossover hits that blend local Ghanaian styles with contemporary sounds.

Watch the video of “It Will Change” from YouTube below. Audio is available on all streaming platforms

Known for her energetic stage performance, Obaapa Christy has become a household name across Ghana since early 2000 after delivering hit after hit which have become church and household anthems. Her latest offering continues carrying forward her unique hybrid sound that fuses English and the Twi language indigenous to Ghana.

With “It Will Change,” the celebrated singer ushers fans into 2024 with a reminder of God’s ability to turn any situation around for good. Her infectious optimism and uplifting lyrics make the song a seasonally perfect send of hope and redirection as we begin the new year.




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