Listen Up: New urban gospel artist Rick Wide brings a new sound in maiden single “Show Me”

If I knew the race to the Fallopian tube was rigged, I would know that I was chosen for a purpose, I would know my birth was mysteriously and beautifully designed and I will know that I am destined for more than my heart could ever fathom” – RICK WIDE

The above simple but deep quote sums up the journey which the new and budding urban gospel singer Rick Wide is about to take. To make it official unto the gospel music scene, Rick brings a new heat and a new sound in his maiden single “Show Me” now available on all major music platforms for streaming and download.

The song in its entirety presents a deep thought of the journey with God as individuals. The carefully composed song contains lyrics that highlights a blend of what we label as our own demons – the fear, the failures, the addictions, the scares etc and what God is able to do in us and through us regardless of our shortcomings.

Speaking about the inspiration behind this wonderful piece, Rick added that, the common factor in fighting his  fears and struggles is God.

“It’s always hard to stay in love with someone you claim you love. We are ready to bolt when things don’t go as planned. Unfortunately, we translate this to our relationship with Christ; we drift off when the going gets tough. Yet He doesn’t stop loving! I showed Him my scars – scars so ugly it’s embarrassing – yet He showered them with love until I saw them no more. I said, “Lord I’m scared” and He said, “Son, I’ve fought all your fears!” Now I know better. No matter what happens in my life, no matter how hard or bad it gets. This love has got to stay” – Rick added





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About Rick Wide

Rick, who goes by the stage name “rick wide”, is the only son of his parents. He graduated from central university with a bachelor of laws degree.

Rick Wide

A Ghanaian gospel artist with a gift of voice like no other. Derrick (rick) Elorm Kpogoh fell into the grace of his talent when he begun writing at the age of 16 for a high school drama. He begun recording at the age of 18. Like the drug that music is, after he tasted of its power, it was difficult for him to walk away from it.

Currently based in Tema, Ghana, rick is involved in his family owned businesses that consists of restaurants and tech shops. He intends to pursue a master’s degree in a business study and says that “the future is exciting.




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