Love & Kindness are the highlights of Israel Chemphe’s latest single “Letter To The Wise”

Gospel singer and songwriter Israel Chemphe debuts a new single ‘Letter To The Wise’, his first for the year 2023, touching on some core values in our society.

The song is currently out on all digital streaming platforms and as noted by everyone, it is a masterpiece that instills the values of Love and kindness and by extension, the act of offering help to everyone in need. These are values in our society that promotes love and harmony.

Chemphe clearly touched on the main theme of the Bible – love, throwing light on the fact that love must be shown while the receiver is alive not when the person is dead and gone which we tend to practice these days.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Israel Chemphe connects every act of kindness to one another to doing it for God as stated in Matthew 25:45.

“A letter to the wise was inspired by God through real-life witnesses …we often call on the name of Jesus in worship and in praise but we are heartless to one another in our physical state …Mathew 25:45 states it clearly…in as much as you did not do it for the least you did not do it onto God. This song is a message to everyone to practically live in love, celebrate and extend a helping hand to others while they live but not to celebrate and waste resources when the person in need is no more.” – Chemphe added


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