Maverick City Music & Kirk Franklin Collaborate On ‘Kingdom Book 1’ Album – Out On June 17

On Friday, June 17, GRAMMY award-winning music collective Maverick City Music and 16-time GRAMMY winner Kirk Franklin will bring the injustices around mass incarceration – and the voices of 1,300 inmates – to center stage with the release of their collaborative album KINGDOM Book 1, out June 17th via Tribl Records / Fo Yo Soul Entertainment / RCA Inspiration.

The group had since released the first single “Kingdom” which happens to be a sort of title track for the upcoming album available now on all digital platforms.

Taking the idea of “prison performance” to another level, the genre-transcending, 11-track project made entirely from the grounds of a Florida prison, features Maverick City Music and Franklin recording the experience alongside more than ninety percent of those who remain incarcerated at the location.

KINGDOM book one

Joined by men from every walks of life – different gangs, races, and backgrounds – Kingdom Book 1 evolved from an unfiltered message of love and universal acceptance and became a passionate, powerful movement that embodies the collective’s core beliefs of inspiring and helping others.

“I think this album is for every fan that loves music, and our hope is that these songs and the stories behind them will serve as a way to raise awareness to the challenges that people face every day – many of which are forgotten about,” Maverick City Music’s Jonathan Jay explains.

“We want awareness around the topics that affect the community that we represent, as black and brown people, primarily,” Maverick City Music’s Tony Brown continues. “It’s important that we’re able to not just share our songs, but also share the heart and the lives that these songs are coming from. Most of us, in some way, have been impacted by these issues, and as we mature as artists, the things that matter to us the most need to take precedence. This is one of them.”


‘Kingdom Book 1’ Tracklist

  1. Kingdom – Feat. Naomi Raine, Chandler Moore
  2. Fear Is Not My Future – Feat. Brandon Lake, Chandler Moore
  3. Bless Me
  4. Jealous – Feat. Chandler Moore, Lizzie Morgan
  5. Talkin Bout (Love) – Feat. Chandler Moore, Lizzie Morgan
  6. The One You Love – Feat. Brandon Lake, Dante Bowe, Chandler Moore
  7. My Life Is In Your Hands – Feat. Chandler Moore
  8. Melodies From Heaven – Feat. Chandler Moore, Maryanne George
  9. I Smile – Feat. Lizzie Morgan
  10. Why We Sing – Feat. Brandon Lake
  11. Take Me Back – Feat. Dante Bowe, Chandler Moore, Ryan Ofei






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