Meet Angela Kumiwaa, The US Based Gospel Songstress Poised For Great Impact Through Her Music

It is true that your past experiences can determine the level of your passion for the change you want to see in the future. Such is the story of singer and US-based worshipper Angela Kumiwaa, a one-time Buddhist who is now desirous to affect lives positively with the power of God through her music.

About Angela

Angela grew up in a Buddhist home, a family with a deep root in the religion but she always considered herself different somehow, even at a very tender age. Growing up as a child, there was no option to choose a different belief or different way of life because uncle, auntie, sibling, or cousin came into contact with this religion.

According to Angela, when she got to Senior High School here in Ghana, she started having terrible nightmares, an event that awakened her pursuit for God. At this point, a prayerful friend and S.U member started praying for her liberation from the bad dreams. This process of deliverance birthed a desire and love for things of God in her.

Abigail Kumiwaa

She then started seeking after God by going to Christian meetings and singing. Before her departure to the United States where she now resides, Angela fellowshipped at Prophet Atsu Manasseh’s Watered Gardens Church in Accra.

Angela’s dad was a pastor but unfortunately, she got to spend only two years close to him before his demise. She added that living with her dad was a stage of her life where Christian values were becoming real and making meaning to her. These values were not properly natured before she had to join the mum and other relatives again, this took her back to a home with a religion foreign to her spirit.

At this point, Angela who is now a devoted Christian revealed that there was such a heavy spiritual tension that went on within her spirit coupled with several attacks which resulted in the dwindling of her faith, as she questioned the love of God for her life. Throughout this season Angela still held unto the belief that God is raising her from the family for a special assignment, to continue in her father’s line, in bringing many to the saving knowledge of Christ.


Her Music Ministry

After several years, Angela Kumiwaa has grown in her walk with God and ready to affect lives with a unique deposits of Grace in her, which is the anointing that flows through her music. Her music ministry is ready to launch wider to affect more lives than before. Angela currently fellowships with the Royal House Chapel Maryland Mission.

Angela Kumiwaa

I have come to that point where I take the things of God seriously. Being in front of people and ministering is a whole ball game altogether. If you play with God, God will also play with you. As a music minister, I don’t believe in the idea of standing to minister in front of people and not living a life that counts. God does not like that.

Angela will soon release her maiden project, but this will be preceded by a debut single titled “Hohom Kronkron”, a beautiful song that emphasizes our need for more of the Holy Spirit.

Angela believes that one cannot manifest the true nature of God without His Spirit. She also agrees with the Word of God that without the Holy Spirit we cannot do anything and hence the need to ask for more of him daily. This upcoming song takes us into that atmosphere of longing for his infilling.


Twi Worship Medley with Angela Kumiwaa


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