Min. NewCoffie Felix sets To Release New Single “Melor Wo (I Love You)

Upcoming Gospel Minister, NewCoffie Felix and the Glorious Vessels of Worship ministries are set to release their new single titled “Melor Wo” which translates to mean “I Love You” in English.

In an exclusive interview, Minister NewCoffie disclosed that he is extremely grateful for the blessings, mercies and above all, the talents that God gave him and he wants to use the gift to profit mankind.

“I am extremely happy that God kept us going and despite the ups and downs, He keeps moving myself and the Glorious Vessels of Worship from glory to glory. “Melor Wo” is our maiden single and because we have been through ‘fire’ just like the gold passes through fire to become as bright as gold, I see the lights shining as we arose, and the glory of the Lord risen on us with a bright future. I say God is glorious and His glory is evident because I’m a real product of His Glory. ”

”Melor Wo ( I Love You)” is a declaration of our love for God, thanksgiving forever being our greatest duty of life and for having saved us with His endless love. NewCoffie exhibits his unique creativity on this by gloriously combining verses and choruses in the Queen’s language, (English) with his native ”heavenly” Ghanaian language, (Ewe) verses and choruses and a great inspirational rap by EmKay, in the most endearing inspirational music on a Reggae love rock beat.

The song entreats all to love the Lord with their whole being as their greatest gift for the love Jesus gave to us by dying to save us eternally based on scriptures in I John 3:1 –  ”Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God!” as well as the most popular John 3:16.

“As in the parable of the talents in the bible; Matthew 25:14-30, God gave every one of us a talent. Each and everyone has to use that talent to profit mankind and if you are not using yours, begin to use it, or God will take the talent from you. I am very grateful for the gift hence, the title of the song “Melor Wo” meaning “I Love You” – NewCoffie Felix

The song is scheduled to be released on the 16th of October, 2018 on www.aftown.com and Youtube. Information in hand indicates that the song is an inspirational song you can’t miss.

Melor Wo (I Love You) – NewCoffie Felix

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