Mother’s Day Special ‘The Selfless One’


Once a thought crossed my mind Leaving me with reasons to believe With evidence of the worst examples displayed I was left speechless yet wondering how
You made me take a deep breathe
To realize I had a precious someone worthy of my attention
For reasons if possible to reward you with an unending
Payback package not as a wage but as appreciation of
Your selfless labor…..till death do us part
A package of love, care and praise will I render
Cos I remember rightly if not mistaken same treatment
I had from you
As a daily routine I experienced these in my life
Withholding nothing, you gave me all I needed
With your last dime spent on me
you went further more till there was no more
Regardless of the destitute waves atimes, your impact is unquestionable
You are the embodiment of joy, hope, care and comfort in which I take refuge
Back to what crossed my mind is how willing, eager and swifty you response is to my call
Am amazed and can’t comprehend
The length, breath,Width and volume of your love towards me
A perfect multitasker whose handiworks speak for itself
A delicacy of mouthwatering, liplicking and fingerlicking meals Is what you serve me in my hunger
You spared me not with the rod of discipline to cure my naughtiness Your sacrifice has brought me this far
I can’t just forget a day like this devoted to the likes of you
To the relentless soul who choose to concieve me in her womb of love
Nurtured me to have a goal, purpose, standards, character and Above all taught me to be God fearing
Am humbled, fulfilled and blessed to appreciate you everytime
But more especially in special ways and special day like this………
To every sweet spirited, virtues, and God fearing mothers in my life
I love you always and always
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY(To all true mothers)

A Piece by: Richard N.N. Adumuah
Inspiration: selfless mothers

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