“My greatest achievement as a gospel artiste is winning souls for Christ” – Nacee

nacee gospel artiste

In sharp contrast to what a typical secular artiste would consider as an achievement such as the biggest stage, the fleet of cars, mansions and the likes, most gospel artistes consider soul-winning and spiritual revival through their music as their greatest achievements.

Speaking in a celebrity interview with Amansan Krakye, of Radio Central fame in Cape Coast, Nacee also said his biggest achievement as a gospel artiste is winning souls for Jesus Christ.

“I’m so fulfilled knowing that someone listened to my song and gave his life to Christ.

“You see all these cars, mansions, awards, and stuff are all vanity.

“The Bible says all these worldly things will fade away and it is only the word of God that will stay forever.”


When the usual question of whether it is right according to the Christian standard for a collaboration between a gospel artiste and a secular artiste, Nacee says the only problem he has will be the use of vulgar language in songs

The Award-winning gospel artiste and ‘Efata Wo’ hitmaker who came under heavy criticism for his song ‘Boys Boys’ collaboration with Guru says he is not in the position to of a sort judge a person he or she is doing secular music.

“The Bible says those who think they are standing should be careful they don’t fall”.






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