Natalie Grant and Tasha Cobbs Leonard Join Voices on Soaring Rendition of “Bridge Over Troubled Water”

Acclaimed contemporary gospel singer Natalie Grant has teamed up with genre icon Tasha Cobbs Leonard for a rousing live rendition of the classic song “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” Released via Curb | Word Entertainment, the duet sees Grant and Cobbs Leonard lending their commanding voices to the timeless lyrics in a raw, impromptu studio session.

Captured together live with a full band, the performance retains the intimacy and spontaneity of two of gospel music’s greatest talents uniting. Their joint vocals intertwine beautifully, finding new depths of emotion in the iconic tune about unity and resilience.

On this timely collaboration, Natalie Grant shares, “Tasha Cobbs Leonard is one of the greatest voices of our generation. She has referred to me as a ‘bridge’ before, and I have always prayed that’s exactly what my artistry, and my life, would be.”

Indeed, both artists have bridged musical genres and cultures throughout their careers. Cobbs Leonard in particular is a barrier breaker who blends gospel, R&B, and pop seamlessly. Their joint musical legacy brings added weight to this message of coming together even amidst tumultuous times.

Penned by Paul Simon, “Bridge Over Troubled Water” was first recorded by Simon & Garfunkel in 1970 but takes inspiration from traditional gospel hymns. The moving lyrics about friendship in hardship quickly became a fixture across genres. Grant and Cobbs’ revitalizing rendition carries on that unifying spirit for a new era.

The collaboration arrives ahead of Natalie Grant’s forthcoming album ‘Seasons,’ due October 6th. Featuring creative renditions of hand-picked iconic songs, the project shows Grant’s artistry and faith continue evolving. Once again, she builds bridges across musical lines by spotlighting the power of resilience.

With her extensive career accolades, including 9 Grammy nominations, Natalie Grant cements herself as one of contemporary gospel’s most versatile artists. By featuring talents like Cobbs Leonard, she maintains her mission of uniting people through music’s healing power.

Their poignant performance of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” arrives at a fitting moment to remind us of persevering with compassion through uncertain times. Both Grant and Cobbs Leonard’s undeniable vocal talents shine through beautifully on this collaborative moment that will deeply resonate.






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