Natalie Grant’s daughter healed miraculously and discharged from hospital

All the praise and glory goes to Jesus after manifesting a miracle in the life of an 8 years older daughter of the Grammy Award winning American Gospel songstress, Natalie Grant.

Gracie who was discharge from the intensive Care Unit of the Hospital has suffered from a severe pneumonia an Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) infection, and a partially collapsed lung. The situated appeared very serious from the onset and Grant took to social media asking for prayers for her daughter’s health and updating everyone on Gracie’s journey. At the miraculous healing, Natalie took to social media again to update fans and well wishers how God has been so good to her and the daughter.

“We are headed HOME!!!,” Natalie shared on Thursday. “We are thanking God for the miraculous recovery Gracie has had. When we took her to the emergency room, doctors said she was at an 11 out of 12, with 12 being the absolute worst it can get on the respiratory scale. She shouldn’t have been able to still walk. Yet here she is, 6 days in the ICU and now headed home. She is such a strong little girl and our God is such a faithful Father…She is still not 100%, and will be fighting pneumonia for awhile. But we are believing she will get stronger everyday.”

natalie grant2

natalie grant


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