New Album: Anthony Brown out with ‘Stuck In The House: The Pandemic Project’

Multiple award-winning and GRAMMY-nominated songwriter Anthony Brown together with his incredible group therAPy have released a new album ‘Stuck in the House: The Pandemic Project’.

The timely new album consisting of his recent hit single ‘Call To Action‘ gives all the opportunity to trust and hope again after a devastating global pandemic which is still affecting millions around the world negatively.

Anthony brown stuck in the house

The nine-track album also includes the up-tempo feel-good stompers “Something Good” and “History.” The evoking worship songs “Help” and “Father I Stretch,” and the melodic spirit soother “Yadiyah (I Love You).”

According to Anthony, all songs on this album were written at home when the pandemic was at its peak with drastic measures such as the lockdown implemented. It reflects the times and emotions of many in the world stuck in the house while witnessing the injustices plaguing America. It presents a call to action while encouraging listeners to maintain their faith and trust in God

“One of my favorite Nina Simone quotes says that we (artist) have a responsibility to speak to the times. These last few months have been life-altering to me, and I felt compelled to share my heart through music. These songs will take you on the journey that many of us have been through over the last few months: fear, anxiety, self-motivation, shift, change, desperation, and ultimately the unquenchable fire through it all to just KEEP GOING. From start to finish, I firmly believe that Stuck In The House: The Pandemic Project is what God has impressed on me to share, and it is my gift to you. Enjoy it.” – He added

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